Lounge Review – LHR T2 Plaza Premium Lounge

LHR T2 Plaza Premium Lounge

Lounge Review – LHR T2 Plaza Premium Lounge.

As a PriorityPass member, I made my way to the Plaza Premium Lounge upon clearing security at Heathrow Terminal 2.

Arriving at the desk, I presented my PriorityPass card and was in the lounge the next minute. The lounge is interior to the airport, so no windows, however it is spacious so you do not feel cramped. The lounge is zoned into working area, table and chairs and a soft seating area. The bar even has a few bar stools.

There is a nice selection of buffet style food, I had the chicken curry and that hit the spot. At the bar, there is a wide selection of drinks with basic spirits, wines and beers free. Other premium brands are available for a fee. Coffee, team and soft drinks are also free.

Looking around the lounge, there is plenty of seating available which is nice for this type of lounge. Too often, you have the shoe horned in feeling, but not here today.

Bar Area

With all the hussel and bussel of the main terminal, the Plaza Premium Lounge @ LHR T2 makes a nice escape to relax or catch up on emails before your flight, whilst enjoying the snackes, food and drinks on offer.

If you are a PriorityPass member, then I would recommend a visit to the lounge when you are passing through T2. If you are going to pay for entry, then ask to see how busy it is 1st. This is a large lounge, but Iimagine it gets busy at peek times.