Shangri la Debut Package in Zhoushan in January 2020


Come January 2020, Shangri-La Group will bring its legendary “Hospitality from the Heart” and signature culinary experiences to Zhoushan. Under Phase I of the project development, Shangri-La will present an entirely new hotel experience and product mix by focusing on its standalone food and beverage outlet – CHAO No.18 and its premium event-catering business. Shangri-La will also pilot its new smart hotel technology in the 28 guestrooms in the Phase I opening.

Located 280 km south of Shanghai, Zhoushan is an island archipelago in Zhejiang Province. Well known as China’s “Fishing storehouse of the East Sea”, the island is famed for its spectacular mountains and valleys as well as for having long stretches of sandy beaches. It has a flourishing fish and seafood industry and rich tourism resources that attracts travellers all over from China and abroad. In recent years, the city has seen significant growth in tourism revenue with an average increase of 14% per annum. Against this backdrop, Shangri-La is well placed to meet Zhoushan’s growing market needs and upscale lifestyle.

The opening of Shangri-La Zhoushan will bring new and more exciting destination experiences and services to both our guests and the local residents. The hotel is excellently situated in the city centre; it also enjoys a vantage point of being close to the seaside. Guests staying at the hotel can relax by lying on the lawn and soaking in the sun. They can also sample the various local seafood delicacies at the restaurant. For those interested in exploring the city, Putuo Mountain, a major landmark and other natural and cultural attractions are also within easy reach from the hotel.