Virgin Rewards | Earning Flying Club Miles – Month One

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Virgin Rewards | Earning Flying Club Mile | Month One.

So it’s started … just had my 1st statement for my Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Card and month one on earning Flying Club miles begins. As previously mentioned, I will list how my spend is going to see if I can earn a decent amount of rewards for a luxury holiday in 2020. Obviously, I could go out and spend like a mad man on my card, however I will not be doing this and that is not the aim of this ‘project’, it is to see what you can achieve in the way of miles with normal spend. So how did I do ….

For the 1st month, my earnings stand at 18,717

As this is the Reward+ card, for every £1 spent on the card, I receive 1.5 miles and 3 miles @ Virgin Atlantic / Holidays.

So the miles breakdown for month one is:

  • Miles earned on purchases 3,192
  • Credit card bonus miles 15,000
  • Retailer promotion bonus miles 525

The 15k miles is from the generous (for the UK) initial sign up bonus on the card. Still have the potential of another 10k miles if I spend £3,000 on the card in the first three months. The retailer promotion bonus of 525 miles was for an Apple purchase via Virgin’s Shop Away. Shop Away currently has a promotion running, so I received 4x miles per £. A good way to earn extra miles on the lead up to Christmas.

From the miles earned on purchases, 1k was from the deposit to Virgin Holidays for next Aprils trip to Las Vegas, this was 3x miles. Paying the balance of the trip on my Reward+ card will give me the necessary remaining spend to receive the 10k bonus miles. Had to purchase a new pair of glasses … seemed a cheaper option than getting longer arms to read. Also, paid for a exam that I have been studying for. Other than that, the rest of the spend has been of fuel, supermarket shopping and general living bits and bobs.

As previously mentioned, I am using my Virgin Atlantic Reward+ card through my Curve card for purchases instead of using my debit card. The secret is to pay off your credit card each month so to maximise the value of the earned miles and to do this, you need to earmark the credit card spend against your bank account balance.

My conclusion for the 1st month, please with my Reward+ card and my balance (which is enough for an economy return flight to Israel on Virgin Atlantic).