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Maximise your Avios

Maximising Your Avios Earnings

Maximising Your Avios Earnings. There are a lot of ways to earn Avios and PointsGuru.uk will take to look at ways of maximising your Avios earnings, getting you one step closer to your dream getaway. […]

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Maximise your rewards
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Beginners Guide to Maximising Rewards.

Beginners Guide to Maximising Rewards. Welcome to the beginners guide to maximising rewards. Before we start, do you remember your first time? Mine was in 1992 on a Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore. I was […]

British Airways Credit Card
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Best UK Rewards Credit Cards

Welcome to the PointsGuru.uk review of the best UK rewards credit cards. One of the best ways to add a significant amount of points / miles to your chosen points / miles balance in a […]

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Merry Christmas from the PointsGuru.uk

Merry Christmas

Wishing our readers a very Merry Christmas. It is believed that Santa travels around 200,000,000 miles on Christmas Eve …. that is a lot of Reindeer Miles. With most major airlines exchanging Reindeer Miles at […]

Virgin Atlantic Reward+ Card

My VIRGIN Adventure

Welcome to My VIRGIN Adventure. There is nothing better (in the rewards world) than booking a dream trip on reward points, whether its first class travel and / or luxury accommodation. So towards the end […]